3D Images and Animaitons

Event Visualisations

A selection of visualisations for conferences and exhibitions, for a variety of clients.

Barrett .50 Sniper Rifle

A 3d model of a Barrett .50 Sniper Rifle that I produced over a few late nights. I may use it as part of an image that I've been thinking of.

Saxton Animations

These are two animations that I helped to produce from a total of six short promos for an Urban Splash development. They date back to my early days at the neighbourhood, though I still feel they look as good today..

Random Gallery

Just a few of the random images I've created, both for fun, and for smaller design projects..

GHD Stylers

Whilst working at the neighbourhood, we were asked to provide a series of accurate product renders for GHD. The idea was that you could do more with CG than with photography, so the pressure was on to ensure it looked as realistic as possible.

PSN Objects

A set of transitions I worked on at the neighbourhood for a PSN instore promo film. The background objects were created using particles, and the foreground objects were all done manually.
The video is a compilation of the various sequences, a 'directors cut' if you will..

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