3D Images and Animaitons

CBBC Ident

This is an ident I produced for CBBC whilst working at the neighbourhood. We were asked to create four short idents to represent each of the letters, which were then edited together to form the full ident.
I was responsible for the 'Post-box Daleks'..

PSP Resistance

A promotional film for Sony PSP that we produced at the neighbourhood. I worked on the creatures, using Mudbox to sculpt and paint the textures before rigging and animating the hands in 3dsMax.

Stories from The Neighbourhood

An internal Christmas animation I worked on at the neighbourhood back in 2008. I've since been back through it to produce a stereoscopic version that looks great in full colour... but it can only really be shown in Anaglyph online.

Nokia N95

This was an internal learning project that I worked on when i started at the neighbourhood 5 years ago.

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