Creative Tech

Christmas DJ

This is the last piece I worked on at the neighbourhood, another strange take on christmas. This time I used a Microsoft Kinect, running through vvvv, to allow users to mix between various christmas samples. This is my first (but far from last) Kinect hack, and I really enjoyed getting to grips with it..

Cubic Light Tree

A Christmas themed projection mapping project I collaborated on at the neighbourhood. I used vvvv for the alignment/ mapping and produced animated content within 3DsMax.

Circuit Bent Furby

A little toy hacking, thought I'd try and make a Furby even more annoying than they are already....

Virtual Window effect

An interactive R'n'D project I collaborated at the neighbourhood. I used vvvv to analyse video from an infrared (hacked) webcam, this then controls a virtual camera to match the viewers movements. It also works great in stereo 3d.

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